Chicago Singer-Songwriter Podcast - March 2016
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What the critics are saying about

"February captures the whole spectrum of feelings one would experience across a period of time - from gloomy despair to an uncontrollable hopefulness...[the] cyclical and ever-changing nature of human emotion..."
- Wake the Deaf, April 2012 (read full review)
"The vulnerabilities are laid out bare for all to see...[the] music demands focus and attention..."
- Indie Bands Blog, May 2012 (read full review)

"How the hell do you describe such a beautiful voice as that of Shelley Miller? Soft, penetrating, intense, seductive, with great expressiveness...Gorgeous, dark compositions that crawl through the cracks of your skin..."
-, April 2012 (read full review - in Dutch)


WXRT - 93.1 FM Chicago, IL - Local Anesthetic
WLUW - 88.7 FM Chicago, IL

When It's All Gone, You Come Back 

"Shelley Miller is a songwriter’s songwriter; the sort that other artists will pick through her catalog over time for songs to cover. While this is true, it’s hard to imagine most artists interpreting Miller’s songs with the same mix of comedy, tragedy and warm-hearted grit that she manages on When It’s All Gone, You Come Back. Miller inhabits her songs like a second skin..."
- Wildy's World, March 2010  (read full review)
"When It’s All  Gone, You Come Back is a must have CD. This is songwriting and  performance at the highest level. I think that Shelley Miller’s When  It’s All Gone, You Come Back will be one my top picks for the year  2010.  10 out of 10 stars."- Don Sechelski, The Muse's Muse, April 2010 (read full review)"Miller's third and strongest recording to date is the perfect road disc...Other discs had come and gone but Miller's breezy informality with the  hard truths of our shared experience rode with me faithfully through the  rain, snow, sleet, and hail of another New York winter." 
- Mike Jurkovic, Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange, May 2010 (read full review) "In short, an absolute must."
-, February 2010 (read full review - in Dutch)

"Extremely well played acoustic folk with wonderful shimmering melodies...this woman's got enormous talent..."
- Common Folk Meadow, March 2010 (read full review)

"I hear a delicate, acoustic singer-songwriter than can turn on a dime, and deliver hard-hitting roots-rock-blues numbers ala Bonnie Raitt or Lucinda Williams."
- Call it Folk, February 2010  (read full review)

"Shelley Miller is a master of beautifully composed poetic imagery...Set in skillfully arranged music, every  lyrical story is spun with perfect accompaniment and a voice as  versatile as the weather." - Indie Music Report, April 2010  (read full review) "Her voice is so important to her sound it's akin to a Stradivarius violin – rare and difficult to duplicate. You likely won't find this brand of breaking, heartfelt folk on American Idol, but if there was “Americana Idol” we'd be texting her in."- Indie Music Report, April 2010 
- Hannah Frank, Chicago 6 Corners, March 2010 (read full review)

"The tender fingerpicking and the emotional honesty of the lyrics together weave images and feelings of younger days, and of times when things make sense, without any sort of explanation."
- Derelict Songs, March 2010 (read full review)

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Interviews/In-Studio Peformances
5/12/2010 - - "Music Notes with Evelyn" 5/6/2010 - 97.7 FM ALICE, Springfield, IL - "Live in Studio A" 4/2/2010 - Live interview/performance on WLUW's "The Razor and Die Show" (listen/download)
3/28/2010 - Live interview/performance on WNUR's "The Folk Show" (listen/download HERE)


WXRT - 93.1 FM Chicago, IL - Local Anesthetic
WLUW - 88.7 FM Chicago, IL
WNUR - 89.3 FM Evanston, IL 
WFMT 98.7 FM Chicago, IL - The Midnight Special
WFHB - 91.3 FM Bloomington, IN
WEFT - 90.1 FM Champaign, IL
WBGU - 88.1 FM Bowling Green, KY
WHFR - 89.3 FM Dearborn, MI
WBOR - 91.1 FM Brunswick, ME
WDBX - 91.1 FM Carbondale, IL
WPRB - 103.3 FM Princeton, NJ
WCVE - 88.9 FM Richmond, VA
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KRVM FM - Eugene, OR
KXCI FM - 91.3 FM Tuscon, AZ
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Nette Radio
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Junior's Cave (February 2010)


If you would like a review copy of 'When It's All Gone, You Come Back, or would like some mp3s for your blog/podcast, drop Shelley a line HERE.  

Press/CD Reviews

old town songbook cd, volume 2

"Shelley Miller adds a perky twang to the commonly slow-drifting "Red River Valley," suggesting it has a home in dark and dusty saloons." - Rachel Heisler, Las Vegas City Life, Sept. 07
(read full review)


morning somewhere 

"...a voice as clear as a midwest sky" 
- Mike Jurkovic, Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange, Dec. 06  (read full review)

"...Miller has done an exemplary job in showing how folk music is more than just a dreary acoustic guitar and vocal. Instead, folk can also be a beautiful, multi-faceted thing."  - Dan MacIntosh,, Jan. 07  
(read full review)

"...richly engineered" - David C. Eldridge, Illinois Entertainer, Feb. 07 
 (read full review)

"Their arrangements are tight and crisp and Miller's crystal-clear, emotive vocals will appeal to fans of everyone from new-folkers Sharron Kraus, Bethany Yarrow, and Marissa Nadler to such queens of this...territory as Janis Ian, Margo Timmons and Natalie Merchant." - Jeff Penczak, Foxy Digitalis, Dec. 06  (read full review)

"She shows she can really rock it..."
 - Amy Lotsberg, Collected Sounds, Dec. 06
(read full review)

"...thoughtful lyrics sung with an honest, melodic voice..." 
- J-sin, Smother, Dec. 06   (read full review)

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What People Are Saying:
"I love when Shelley plays at The Store. With just an acoustic guitar and her voice, she has the ability to take her audience on the emotional roller-coaster that most full bands wish they had."
Rick LaCour, Booking Manager, The Store, Chicago, IL
"Singer-songwriter and veteran Old Town School teacher Shelley Miller...could teach a lot of folkies a thing or two about sophisticated imagery and hooks. And 2006's excellent, self-released Morning Somewhere should earn her fans from the Lucinda Williams camp." 
- Time Out Chicago, Feb 08   (read full article)
Miller...immediately wooed the crowded room of thirty. Her soulful lyrics and complex song structure left everyone quietly attentive. Her songs of heartbreak were highlighted with quirky interjections of dialogue. "People sometimes scare me," she admitted. "That's why I have cats." 
- Spin Earth, July 09   (read full article)