"Miller gives off a darkly emotional ferocity reminiscent of Radiohead's golden "The Bends"/
"OK Computer" records or PJ Harvey's "Rid of Me", and the band's instrumentation sparkles with the crisp air of something Superchunk might 
have written..." - Nicholas M. Garcia, The Daily Journal

The sequel to lost is found.
The only way in is through.
Some things are permanent.
Nothing lasts forever.

Live debut = 10 de july, 6 pm, square roots festival, chicago, il

Soft Ledges = 
loud + soft 
dark + light 
warm + cold 
sweet + harsh 
broken cursive + impeccable posture
fuzz boxes + lullabies
shelley miller (guitar/piano/voice)
chris geisler (bass/jumping/noise)
andrea bunch (guitar/piano/voice)
raul cotaquispe (drums)
sophie creutz (clarinet/sax)

soft ledges